Being Smart About Cyber Threat Intelligence

By Fusion PPT  /  March 12, 2018
To stay secure today, organizations need to outsmart cyber attackers, not just when an attack occurs, but preferably before it occurs to prevent it. Aging IT infrastructure and advanced persistent threats (APTs) are risks affecting many government agencies, although private enterprises are concerned too. While no guarantee of complete protection is possible, cyber threat intelligence or CTI, the collection and application of knowledge about attackers, allow defenders to reduce the chances of an attack succeeding or even starting.
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Commercializing Blockchain

By Fusion PPT  /  January 29, 2018
Innovative Ways Companies are Developing Businesses Using Blockchain Have you heard of the “self-owning” car? By combining blockchain and self-driving vehicles,
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Using Blockchain Outside Bitcoin

By Fusion PPT  /  January 8, 2018
How to Use Blockchain Outside of Bitcoin The best-known use case of blockchain so far may be the cryptocurrency of bitcoin,
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Blockchain Stages of Development

By Fusion PPT  /  December 15, 2017
Much of blockchain’s life so far has been has in the shadow of bitcoin, the illustrious (or is it notorious)
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Data Lakes in the Cloud: Pros, Cons and Federated Architectures

By Fusion PPT  /  November 20, 2017
The data lake may be a fashionable concept, but it is also one born of necessity. The traditional data warehouse approach cannot handle the vast quantities of data now being produced.So, rather than trying to transform all data before loading (like the data warehouse), the principle of the data lake is to reverse these two steps.
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IoT Data Security Issues and Opportunities

By Fusion PPT  /  October 26, 2017
What do babycams, onboard vehicle control systems, and electrical power grids have in common? The answer is that each of
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The Need for IoT Open Standards

By Fusion PPT  /  October 10, 2017
Will there be any device in the future that will not be able to connect to the Internet of Things?
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IoT Evolution

By Fusion PPT  /  September 28, 2017
Until quite recently, machines didn’t do much talking. In industry, they took instructions from programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and handed
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Continuing IoT Undercurrents

By Fusion PPT  /  September 19, 2017
IT departments would be well advised to stay in touch with IoT news across industry domains. IoT technologies often straddle
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Major IoT Trends for 2018

By Fusion PPT  /  August 31, 2017
The Internet of Things is full of trends in use cases, technologies, issues, and opportunities. As the IoT grows, so do the trends, both in importance and number. To start with, CIOs and IT managers keeping their eyes on business needs as well as technology will see the following major IoT uses carrying through into 2018
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Container Technologies for Highly Portable, Packaged App Releases

By Fusion PPT  /  August 18, 2017
In the beginning, applications ran on one operating system on one physical server, period. Then came hypervisors and virtual machines.
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IoT and Connected Health

By Fusion PPT  /  July 25, 2017
Broadly defined as the creation, management and communication of health information using mobile and wireless devices, connected health is an important part of a general trend to make healthcare patient-centric. Remote healthcare devices and sensors are part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether the patient uses a specialized medical instrument or a smartphone running a healthcare application, IoT requirements - Functionality, Maintenance, Security - apply.
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Health Information Exchange of the Future

By Fusion PPT  /  July 11, 2017
Whether you take “Health Information Exchange” to be a noun, a verb, or both, depends on your point of view about mobilizing healthcare information electronically across systems within establishments, serving communities, or between regions. In each case, the end-goal is the same: to make access and retrieval of clinical data easier for patient-centric care that is timely, efficient, effective, and safe, whether to individual patients, groups, or communities.
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Personal Health Information Management: Giving Patients Control

By Fusion PPT  /  June 15, 2017
The public, as consumers and patients, is increasingly gaining access to personal health information (PHI), allowing an individual to see his or her health data to proactively stay healthy and fight off illness. Personal health information management (PHIM) covers PHI access, integration, organization and use by individual consumers and patients. It is also a factor in the overall trend towards patient-centric healthcare. Putting the right PHIM systems in place can only happen if the healthcare industry understands what people want to do with their own health data.
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No Database Left Behind

By Fusion PPT  /  May 31, 2017
As discussed in previous blogs, many organizations use Agile and Lean software development and DevOps practices to help increase the
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Health Informatics – More than Just an EHR System

By Fusion PPT  /  May 25, 2017
With the rapid growth of health informatics, much focus has been put on the adoption of electronic health records (EHR), but its important to remember that health informatics can include much more than EHR.
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Electronic Health Records and Efforts for Standardization and Usability

By Fusion PPT  /  May 11, 2017
EHR systems make it easier to compare and analyze data to reveal trends and longer-term changes for a given patient. Collectively, electronic health records can also help to study group and population health phenomena. It makes sense for EHR management systems to standardize the format of the records they hold, to make them easier to consult and share with other authorized entities. Likewise, the software and network interfaces in such a software system are also best standardized or at least made customizable to allow for connection to legacy systems and non-standard interfaces.
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Innovative Health IT: Driving a Healthcare Revolution

By Fusion PPT  /  April 29, 2017
Over the next decade, we can expect to see profound changes in the delivery of healthcare. Driven not by a contentious political environment, but by new IT innovations that have the potential to lower costs and improve the quality of healthcare. These IT innovations are coming at a macro level, with larger sets of data available to research and develop new treatments and, at a micro level, transforming the care that patients receive from their providers.
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Cloud Computing Hybridization and Hyper-Scaling: What You Should Know

By Fusion PPT  /  April 19, 2017
The ideas behind hybridization and hyper-scaling in the cloud are simple. Hybridization is mixing public and private cloud computing. Hyper-scaling is the ability to grow or shrink resources to meet your needs. So far, so good, although things can get more complicated when it comes to putting these notions into practice. The trick as with any information technology is to ensure that the benefits outweigh the expenses.
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IT Modernization – Delay is the Biggest Cost Factor

By Fusion PPT  /  April 6, 2017
Legacy IT spends are one of the biggest reasons for lackluster performance in organizations. IT drives business, but when most of the activity around that IT is maintenance and problem resolution, there is little left for innovation and progress. This problem affects enterprises in all sectors, but especially government organizations.
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Cybersecurity is Key in New HHS IT Strategic Plan

By Fusion PPT  /  March 10, 2017
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released its 2017 – 2020 IT Strategic Plan highlighting the key priorities of their $11 billion in annual IT spending. These goals were developed to support the key objectives of HHS to improve health care and scientific discovery. While there are five strategic goals, cybersecurity is core to the overall plan.
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Data-Driven Healthcare

By Fusion PPT  /  March 8, 2017
With the vast amounts of health data available today, health analytics can provide insights into what has happened (reporting), what will happen (predictive analytics) and what should be done right now (prescriptive analytics).
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Unleashing the Power of Big Data to Improve Outcomes

By Fusion PPT  /  February 17, 2017
Big data goes beyond precisely defined data sets. Instead of purely employee-entered data, for example, big data extends to or constituent comments on social media, third-party economic forecasts, machine sensor outputs and any other data source that has a bearing on questions being asked or issues to be resolved. Analyzing big data to reveal patterns, trends and likely outcomes can take organizations far beyond the limits of “normal” data processing to improve decision making and efficiencies.
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Controls for Successful IT Efficiency & Cost Reduction

By Fusion PPT  /  January 18, 2017
“Do more with less – and do it better, too!” Federal CIOs are all too familiar with this edict. IT efficiency and cost reduction are both uppermost in importance these days and CIOs must figure out how to achieve them. However, IT efficiency isn’t just about getting better productivity from resources. It’s about making sure those improved returns contribute to the mission success of the organizations, too. Controls for IT efficiency and cost reduction must be designed to work together from the outset.
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FITARA – Encouraging Agility & Cost Management in Federal IT Acquisitions

By Fusion PPT  /  November 30, 2016
Statistics show the Federal Government continues to spend more than $80 billion each year on general purpose information technology assets.
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5 Best Practices to Align with Your Next-Gen Security Strategy

By Fusion PPT  /  November 14, 2016
With the explosion of new technologies and IT solutions of all kinds, it’s sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. Nevertheless, every organization must make sure that its next generation security strategy is underpinned by relevant principles and not just a laundry list of tactics and actions.
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Next-Gen Security Strategy: Federal CIO Focus for 2017 and Beyond

By Fusion PPT  /  October 24, 2016
Hackers and IT security vendors have never had it so good. High-profile data breaches such as those of Anthem and Target, ransomware attacks on hospitals and the theft of $100 million from the Bangladesh Central Bank show how hackers are making their money. To combat this, IT security vendors are selling more sophisticated products to help protect clients. With more threats and more products, where does that leave the federal CIO who wants to know how security in 2017 and beyond will play out?
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CMDB Tools & Strategies

By Fusion PPT  /  September 29, 2016
The need for proper IT asset management has steadily increased, therefore increasing the need for technologies like configuration management database (CMDB). Fusion PPT takes a closer look at CMDB tools and strategies to choose the best one to meet your company needs.
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CMDB: Why So Little Movement & Why Relevant Now?

By Fusion PPT  /  September 21, 2016
Some time ago, the configuration management database or CMDB was hailed by some as the silver bullet for IT asset management. Sadly, several stumbling blocks dampened the enthusiasm of more than one IT department and CMDB has since taken something of a back seat; however, recent developments in other areas of IT might just bring it to the fore again.
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Application Performance Feedback for a Virtuous DevOps Circle

By Fusion PPT  /  August 2, 2016
Servers and applications can generate a wealth of performance feedback and log data. This data can be used at different
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Version Control, the Heart of Successful DevOps

By Fusion PPT  /  July 26, 2016
In DevOps, the goal is not only to excel in producing applications. It is also to control all of the
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Continuous Integration to Reduce Release Time and Code Rework

By Fusion PPT  /  July 19, 2016
  The closer a team works together on producing and deploying a software application, the better the chances of a timely,
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Deployment Management Tools to Automate the DevOps Last Mile

By Fusion PPT  /  July 5, 2016
Software ready for the real world still has a virtual last mile to go. After development, testing, continuous integration, and
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Tools to Make DevOps a Success

By Fusion PPT  /  June 28, 2016
With the new way, meaning the DevOps way, developers and operations staff work together. Code is produced together with the infrastructure information needed to run in the real world. Workflows are automated, code is released more rapidly, in a more reliable and more consistent way, and code fixes are accelerated too. DevOps tools are then used in the following stages of the code development and release cycle
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DevOps Gets Real for Federal Agencies

By Fusion PPT  /  June 15, 2016
With the increasing adoption of cloud computing services and mandates to move existing applications to the cloud, there is a renaissance of software development projects in the federal government.
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Aligning IT and the Agency Mission

By Fusion PPT  /  June 1, 2016
While many agencies have demonstrated significant improvements over the past two decades in driving closer alignment between IT and mission, the continuously changing technology landscape and shifting environmental conditions leave some organizations struggling to achieve full-mission alignment.
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Turning Data into Actionable Information

By Fusion PPT  /  May 9, 2016
According to IDG Enterprise’s 2015 Big Data and Analytics Survey, the number of organizations with deployed/implemented data-driven projects increased by 125% from 2014 to 2015. A primary reason is the promise of unlocking and analyzing data to make good, actionable decisions based on trends, forecast on goals, produce budgets and so much more.
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Cloud Wars – AWS and Azure

By Fusion PPT  /  March 22, 2016
Earlier this year, Synergy Research Group reported that across six key cloud services and infrastructure market segments, cloud services annual
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Five Activities to Build a Culture of Innovation

By Fusion PPT  /  March 2, 2016
According to Merriam-Webster, innovation means the introduction of something new or a new idea, method or device. In the technology
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A Three-Phased Approach for Application Migration to the AWS Cloud

By Fusion PPT  /  February 24, 2016
As more federal CIOs push their organizations into the cloud, many IT and business managers still struggle with the process to migrate legacy applications into that cloud. Over the past several years, Fusion PPT has led and provided technical expertise within these environments, moving over 300 legacy applications to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Based on that experience, we have learned a lot about what works and what fails when moving applications.
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Fusion PPT at the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative Winter Meeting

By Fusion PPT  /  February 10, 2016
Last Thursday, Fusion PPT had the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Winter Meeting. CGI convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. At this event, hundreds of organizations from around the world connected and shared their projects across a wide range of social issues, from the refugee crisis to water resource management to improving healthcare for the poorest of people.
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Cloud Computing in a World without Connectivity

By Fusion PPT  /  January 28, 2016
Our challenge was to create a cost-effective solution that allows clinicians to utilize a handheld tablet to deliver care in the field, including the collection of data and querying of patient history records. Given the lack of information technology infrastructure, we decided to leverage a cloud-computing infrastructure and solve the problem of the user in the DIL environment.
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