Fusion PPT provides clients with highly skilled technology integration services. Our approach, combined with client insight and technology acumen, provides us with the unique ability to design, develop and implement the optimal technology solution for the client. Our capabilities focus on:

Why Fusion PPT?

Some of our unique benefits include:

We Minimize Cost & Risk
As an established leader in complex system integration services, Fusion PPT was the first to offer an Interoperability and Portability Test Lab as part of our Innovation Lab that gives customers the ability to visualize innovative cloud configurations in a virtual environment. This lab is highly valued by our clients because it saves them significant time and money with migrations and new implementations.

Trusted Technology Partner

Our commitment to finding the best technologies gives us a unique advantage in terms of depth of knowledge and breadth of systems expertise. Having completed many high-profile commercial deployments and projects, we have established ourselves as a trusted source for information, testing, and evaluation services related to cloud, enterprise management, and IT service management applications. Our input is featured frequently in trade publications, and our advice and Innovation Lab are often leveraged by both established technology companies and start-up cloud service providers.

People, Process, & Technology Focus

In addition to having a knowledgeable and qualified team, Fusion PPT takes a holistic approach to our initiatives – our solutions factor in our clients’ people and processes, in addition to their current and future technologies. The end result is that our involvement produces projects that are optimized for success – with functional, connected IT systems, efficient workflows, re-engineered business processes, and rapid adoption by impacted user groups.

What We Configure Works.

Bottom Line – Fusion PPT can assist with your end-to-end complex technology needs from design and development to deployment, management, and continuous improvement.