Patrick Newnan is a leader in cloud computing software design and development, networking, database development, and enterprise deployments. As Chief Cloud Architect, he understands the new technologies in the expanding IT infrastructure environment and needs for diverse solutions that meet mission needs. He is driven by the understanding that moving into cloud space means developing new strategies to solve problems, new processes to secure data, and new means of communicating across teams environment. Continually moving forward in the cloud means developing a more clear, iterative, and repeatable approach to each step.

He brings over 14 years of diverse technical expertise in DoD, National Intelligence, government security, and mobile development fields. Coming from a research and integration-oriented background, Patrick is an asset in driving innovative technologies and solutions with purpose. He strives towards product excellence and customer satisfaction, working with clients and peers from the planning stages to final deployment to apply stable, custom solutions. His work has led him into extensive development of complex systems, used in workflow and government intelligence. Serving as both developer and integrator has provided him with the crucial understanding behind building and maintaining live, mission-critical systems throughout their lifecycle.

Patrick holds his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from University of California, San Diego and is certified as a CISSP.