Being Smart About Cyber Threat Intelligence

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To stay secure today, organizations need to outsmart cyber attackers, not just when an attack occurs, but preferably before it occurs to prevent it. Aging IT infrastructure and advanced persistent threats (APTs) are risks affecting many government agencies, although private enterprises are concerned too. While no guarantee of complete protection is possible, cyber threat intelligence or CTI, the collection and application of knowledge about attackers, allow defenders to reduce the chances of an attack succeeding or even starting.

Commercializing Blockchain

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Innovative Ways Companies are Developing Businesses Using Blockchain Have you heard of the “self-owning” car? By combining blockchain and self-driving vehicles, it becomes possible – theoretically – for a car to become an independent operator, offering Uber-style chauffeur services, and using blockchain to take payment from its customers and make payments on its lease back […]

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Using Blockchain Outside Bitcoin

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How to Use Blockchain Outside of Bitcoin The best-known use case of blockchain so far may be the cryptocurrency of bitcoin, but blockchain has also been gaining ground elsewhere. In the opinion of the Harvard Business Review, the distributed digital ledger technology of blockchain “has the potential to create new foundations for our economic and […]

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Blockchain Stages of Development

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Much of blockchain’s life so far has been has in the shadow of bitcoin, the illustrious (or is it notorious) “killer app” of blockchain. Yet blockchain may end up a much larger part of history than any individual cryptocurrency. To understand blockchain’s role, think of it as a distributed, digital ledger of transactions. For a […]

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Data Lakes in the Cloud: Pros, Cons and Federated Architectures

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The data lake may be a fashionable concept, but it is also one born of necessity. The traditional data warehouse approach cannot handle the vast quantities of data now being produced.So, rather than trying to transform all data before loading (like the data warehouse), the principle of the data lake is to reverse these two steps.

IoT Data Security Issues and Opportunities

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What do babycams, onboard vehicle control systems, and electrical power grids have in common? The answer is that each of these types of Internet of Things device or system has been hacked. Sometimes the hacking was ethical, such as the way security experts showing how they could remotely interfere with Jeep brake and engine systems. […]

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The Need for IoT Open Standards

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Will there be any device in the future that will not be able to connect to the Internet of Things? The range of “things” is already vast, and getting vaster by the day. Yet web connection is only one part of the story. To exploit their full potential, these things also need to talk among […]

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IoT Evolution

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Until quite recently, machines didn’t do much talking. In industry, they took instructions from programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and handed basic performance or status data back via supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks. For consumers, the Internet fridge was still an urban legend, and wearables were limited to digital watches without connections to the […]

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Continuing IoT Undercurrents

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IT departments would be well advised to stay in touch with IoT news across industry domains. IoT technologies often straddle sectors, with IoT improvements or storm warnings in one area being applicable to others. Major IoT product and technology trends include: Growth in the number of devices. Not only are vendors creatively expanding the market […]

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Major IoT Trends for 2018

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The Internet of Things is full of trends in use cases, technologies, issues, and opportunities. As the IoT grows, so do the trends, both in importance and number. To start with, CIOs and IT managers keeping their eyes on business needs as well as technology will see the following major IoT uses carrying through into 2018

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