U.S House Awards Fusion PPT Prime Contract - Fusion PPT

U.S House Awards Fusion PPT Prime Contract

Fusion PPT, a recognized strategy, and technology consulting firm, announced today that the United States House of Representatives awarded a new prime contract to support the analysis and design of an Integrated Operations Center (IOC) capable of monitoring, managing, and reporting issues related to House critical applications, systems, and network infrastructure. The goal of the IOC is to integrate multiple separate HIR Information Technology (IT) monitoring.

Fusion PPT will support the objective of integrating multiple separate Information Technology (IT) monitoring (on-premise, hosted, and cloud services) and response elements into a single, centralized, continuous incident monitoring and communications function to streamline monitoring and response efforts, and to provide a common operating picture across the entire IT and telecommunications enterprise.

Fusion PPT CEO Michael Biddick noted that “we are extremely honored by the trust that the U.S. House has placed in us to support this important initiative. Based on the significant past experience that Fusion PPT has gained in the design and deployment of IOCs we are confidentĀ in our abilities to support this new initiative.”